Sunday, 17 April 2011


Yesterday morning I finnished Sequins, Stars and Spotlights. It was brilliant, I loved the ending, it was perfect. Ofcourse I'd love for there to be a fourth book but if that was the last one then it's the perfect ending to a trilogy. If you haven't had the chance to read it then you really should. Check it out of your local library or buy it so you can read it again and again!

Here's what it says about the book on Sophia's website:
This is the third book in the Threads series.
Four girls have four dreams. Crow is on the way to becoming an international fashion designer. Jenny’s been discovered by a Broadway composer. Edie still wants to go to Harvard. Nonie … isn’t really sure, but knows it’s something fashion-related and wonderful. They’re growing up and on the brink of glittering careers. So why are their lives so complicated? Why does success demand sacrifices, and which ones are they willing to make?
In this, the final book of the Threads trilogy, Nonie discovers that life is just beginning. The girls have choices to make. Who will wait for fame? Who will emerge an outright star? Who will fall in love? And who will turn her back on all her dreams? This time the answers are in New York. It’s a long way for Nonie to travel, especially with only one teeny-weeny wheelie bag. But for the sake of her friendships, Nonie will do whatever it takes.

So what are you waiting for? Get it!
Untill next time.
Beccy xox


  1. i have to be THE biggest Threads fan EVER!! if you are interested in fashion (i am A LOT!!) then please check out my blog!!

    Love this blog!
    Jo xx

  2. oh, and how did you make those Tabs at the top of your blog? like those WRITING TIPS & PICTURES ones on yours?

    Jo xx

  3. When you are on your blog got to new post, then above the box where you write in it says new post, next to that it says edit posts, then it says edit pages. Click on edit pages.Then in a blue box it should say NEW PAGE, click on that. Then when you have created your page it gives you the option of how you would like it to be layed out, on the side or on the top (like I have it). It only gives you that option if it's your first new page.