Saturday, 4 June 2011


On Girls Heart Books, Sophia Bennett posted a list of where she gets her ideas from, here they are:
  • Out of nowhere. My idea for a girl who was a secret fashion designer just hit me one day, while I was sorting out the laundry. OK, so not ‘nowhere’, exactly – my bathroom. I occasionally get ideas from my bathroom.

  • My childhood. Writing gives me the chance to live out all the fantasies I had while I was growing up. To be honest, I get more ideas from remembering when I was little than from my bathroom. A few more, anyway.

  • Radio and TV, newspapers and Twitter. Big news stories, small ones, crazy things that happen to people … it all goes in and comes out again later as character or a scene in a book. I mostly listen to the radio in my kitchen, so that ends up being a good place for ideas too.

  • The London Underground. Crow’s story in Threads was a direct result of seeing a poster about the Night Walkers of Uganda and not being able to get it out of my head. Public transport can be very useful.

  • Things that annoy me. There’s a truly awful magazine advert for a posh watch that drives me crazy every time I see it and one day I’ll write a big, fat novel based on the irritating people in it. Bad things will happen to them. I can’t wait.

  • My family. Shh. Don’t tell them. They haven’t worked it out yet.

  • Schools. I visit. I look. I learn. If I visit your school – beware. If you’re particularly interesting, you might end up in a book one day. So, for example, might your school hall, your teacher’s haircut and the view from the library windows.

  • Emails from fans. My next book, The Look, is inspired by an email I got last June from a girl called Elizabeth. She asked a simple question. My initial answer was ‘no’, but that didn’t seem to do it justice, somehow. The extended version is 80,000 words long and counting.

  • Untill next time,
    Beccy xox

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