Sunday, 20 November 2011

Good afternoon

How are you all on this fine Sunday afternoon? I'm pretty nervous to be honest, I have two weeks of mock exams starting tomorrow. And after that two weeks I have a two day art mock exam. If you guys don't know what mocks are they're basically the same as my proper GCSE exams which will be the last exams I do at school so are pretty important but they're are practice ones. But they're still important as the 6th forms (where I'm hopefully going after this last year of high school) will be looking at the results I get. So yeah, I'm nervous.
But that's why I'm writing on here, to get my mind off it. And it isn't really working, so I should probably write about something else.
How about The Girl In The Picture competition that Sophia Bennet's created? Have you guys entered? I'm emailing my entry as I write this (I'm very good at multi-tasking). Here's the link to the contest:
Good luck everyone!
Untill next time,
Beccy xoxo

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