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Review: Artistic Licence by Katie Fforde

Artistic Licence by Katie Fforde
Name: Artistic Licence
Author: Katie Fforde
Author's website:
Publisher: Arrow Books
Date published: Reissued in 2004
Number of pages: 354
Rating: 5/5
When is it available: Now
Note: This book is really for adults, or for older teenagers.

Artistic Licence by Katie Fforde is a witty and funny book about a woman called Thea who isn't entirely sure what she wants in life. At 35 she's a landlady with a house full of student lodgers. Fed up with them and their mess Thea extends her holiday that her bossy friend Molly had convinced to go on and suddenly decides to take off to Ireland to see Rory - a man she's just met who just happens to be an amazing artist.
But then Molly arrives, along with Petal, one of Thea's annoying lodgers, who brings her uncle Ben who's with his son Toby. For Thea the timing is all wrong, aswell as the fact that Rory's dog is about to have puppies, Rory wants to be with Thea but she's starting to find Ben more and more attractive, even though she's sworn never to like him.
I really enjoyed this book and it made me laugh out loud at some parts. I wanted to keep on reading it - I was hooked after the first page. The characters were lifelike and what I really liked about them was that they weren't perfect - which is good because nobody's perfect in reality. I could really empathise with Thea and I could understand and feel her frustrationat the students. So this book deserves five out of five because it's very well written and I just loved the story.
I like the cover a lot, it all ties in well together and I like the sort of relaxed style of it.

Artistic Licence

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