Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review: Threads series: Threads

 Threads series: Threads by Sophia Bennett
Name: Threads
Author: Sophia Bennett
Author's website:
Publisher: The Chicken House
Date published: 2009
Number of pages: 254
Rating: 5/5
When is it available: Now

Threads is a story about Nonie (a fashion fanatic), Edie (she's out to save the world), Jenny (who's at the start of her acting career) and their new discovery Crow (an amazing fashion designer. Who's also 12). Meeting Crow gives them the chance to make her dreams come true, Nonie the chance to realise what she's always wanted to do, Edie the chance to promote charities and Jenny the chance to look great on the red carpet...
Threads is a truly brilliant story. It's really well researched, therewere good details - especially about fashion, which is why fashion lovers will fall in love with this book. Just like I did. And even if you're not that interested in fashion there are still some other parts to the story that you might like. There's charity, celebrities, movies, world issues and more.
I also really liked the characters - each one had different and interesting characteristics. One if the best parts of the books was that they all came together to help Crow realise her dreams and to help a charity. And even though the characters had faults (don't we all) they were still really wonderful people.
The cover is fantastic! Seriously, I love it. It's bright, colourful and all the fonts fit in well together. ALso that's a really pretty dress, I wouldn't mind having it.

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