Friday, 4 May 2012

Review: Threads series: Sequins, Stars and Spotlights by Sophia Bennett

Threads series: Sequins, Stars and Spotlights by Sophia Bennett
Name: Sequins, Stars and Spotlights
Author: Sophia Bennett
Author's website:
Publisher: The Chicken House
Date published: 2011
Number of pages: 327
Rating: 5/5
When is it available: Now

Sequins, Stars and Spotlights is the third and final book in the Threads trilogy. Nonie, Jenny and Edie are all nearing the end of their school careers and thinking about what they're going to do next. College or university? Broadway? (That last one being what Jenny has to decide). And Crow is doing GCSEs and thinking about if she really wants to do her own fashion label... Why does everything suddenly seem so overwhelming? Why are there suddenly so many choices?
I really think this is an utterly fabulous book. It had a great ending which rounded up the whole series really well. It was also written really well. I could empathise easily with Nonie - when she was stressed and worried, I felt stressed and worried, when she was happy, I felt happy.
It really is a shame that this book is the last in the series - I would read the next book if there was one. I love the whole trilogy, there isn't one book that I wouldn't give a five out of five to.
When I read the series I became friends with all the characters - finnishing the books was like saying goodbye and I didn't want to!
Atleast I can just read the whole series again...

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