Monday, 18 June 2012

Return of the Beccy!

Sorry I haven't posted in ages! I didn't mean to suddenly just stop posting for a bit. It's just I've had exams (eugh, dreadful things) and end-of-year-11 stuff but it's nearly over now! I have my last exam on Wednesday and then my art exhibition on Thursday evening (which I have to take down on Friday morning, when I'm going to to be really tired, which is annoying but oh well) and then I'm done! I have the whole summer ahead of me! (I may get a part-time job but I'll still have some free time).
And also, when I've finished reading it, I'll be posting a review of Wedding Season by Katie Fforde which I have read before but I've never reviewed and I thought since I'm reading it again and it is one of my favourite books then I might aswell review it. I hope you'll like my review.
See you soon!
Beccy x

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