Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: Wedding Season by Katie Fforde

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde
Name: Wedding Season
Author: Katie Fforde
Author’s website:
Publisher: Arrow Books
Date published: 2009
Number of pages: 450
Rating: 5/5
When is it available: Now

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde is about three women Sarah, a cynical wedding planner who keeps denying her true feelings because of a previous heartbreak, Elsa, a dress designer who is quite shy and prefers to keep out of the limelight, and Bron, a multi-talented hairdresser who has a boyfriend but would prefer not to.
When the three of them team up for the biggest wedding event of the year, and become closer every day, will they come closer to their very own fairy tale weddings?
This book is one of my favourites for several reasons. All three of the girls’ stories are intertwined really well – I didn’t get confused as to what was going on and all three stories are equally told so you don’t read more of one story than another.
I also like this story because it’s unique, I’ve never really read a book with the same plot before. And the ending was great, the epilogue tied everything together so that there weren’t any loose ends and I knew what happened to all of the characters.
What I also liked was that Katie Fforde was good at conveying the feelings of characters – so you knew exactly how they felt even if they didn’t say it.
The cover is really pretty, it has a romantic style which goes with the theme of the book. It also looks very flowing and free.

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