Monday, 8 July 2013

An Important Announcement

I have something important to tell you all. Threads Fans is moving and changing. I am moving this blog to I Tend To Ramble, a new blog I have created. As I explain on the new blog, I felt like I needed a change because basing this blog around one book series and one author meant I felt restricted slightly so I have created a new blog to branch out slightly.
It will mostly be the same blog, except with a different name and more room to ramble. Hopefully I will have eventually moved all the reviews and important posts from this blog to the new one.
I have had so much fun with Threads Fans and I want to thank you all for reading my posts, I hope you'll all move with me to the new blog and that this new era will be as good as the last.
As Taylor Swift says in her song Long Live,

"It was the end of an era but but the start of an age."

I hope to see you all at I Tend To Ramble,

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